This electric saw satisfies the same tough professional demands on reliability, safety and ergonomics as our gas-driven saws. With its long, slim body, powerful electric engine, low vibration and noise levels, this saw is useful for working both indoors and outdoors. Stop time is below one second for maximum safety.

110 V, 1600 W


$ 299.95

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Quietest saw on the market To beat the high oil prices, we heat our house with wood. I have used various gas and electric chain saws in the past. Then I got the 316E to cut up the logs that we collect all summer. This saw has had multiple sharpening's and 2 chains since purchased several years ago. It still runs fine with no problems. It is important to Keep the chain sharp. (Invest in an electric powered chain sharpener (Item #68221 from Harbor Freight tools.# To test for sharpness, try a cut using the right hand on the trigger handle and the left hand loosely holding the upper handle. If it cuts normally under it's own weight, it's sharp. This saw has encountered nails, rocks, metal fence pieces, glass and iron pipe hidden in the wood. After sharpening, it still cuts as if new. I highly recommend this saw for homeowners using wood heat. Suggestions: #1#, It would be nice to make adjustments without tools. #2), It should come with a simple device to prevent the extension cord from detaching. Overall, It's a great saw. January 30, 2014
a darn good saw I own a hundred acres of woodland in western Manitoba and therefore keep busy cutting dead fall, nuisance trees, scrub etc. I have used a number of gas saws over the years with mixed results including a McCullough and a couple of Poulans. Anyhow since I travel around in the non winter months with a 5200 watt generator in the back of my truck I felt perhaps it was time to try out an electric so a number of years back I got my 316. Pluses: I like the light weight of the saw, its fairly powerful for its size, well balanced, controls are relatively ergonomic, quiet for city dwellers. Minuses: chain oil tank could be bigger, shroud on plug in cord requires a special extension cord, cords come unplugged fairly easily, the saw isn't really suited to bigger trees. My saw has endured quite a bit of abuse at my hands and certainly is now approaching replacement as I don't know what shape the armature is in, its sparking quite a bit. One unfortunate thing is that if you are working off grid and depend on the generator, its tough to get the generator going in extreme cold. Otherwise I highly recommend the 316 for property owners and general purpose yard work. December 30, 2013
Returning Product to Store I would not recommend this product. Husqvarna used misleading and deceptive advertising to lure a prospective customer to buy their chainsaws and then did not honor their rebate offer on the grounds that the Husqvarna chainsaw purchased did not qualify for the rebate. That may be a very slick marketing ploy, but it makes me a very disappointed customer. If a company has to stoop to this deceitful practice, then how can I be sure that they stand behind their product and warranty. I am returning it and buying another chainsaw from different manufacturer. If anyone has a recommendation of a manufacturer with integrity, that stands behind their product and agreements, please inform me. December 2, 2013
Power Switch is no Good It was a good little saw until the power switch stopped working. Intermittently, the switch would sometimes work, and sometimes not. Now, it no longer works. I will be happy to buy a chainsaw from another manufacturer for less than it will cost to repair this unreliable chainsaw. I made the mistake of paying too much for an unreliable chainsaw. Customer Service said that bad power switches are not covered by the warranty. November 5, 2013
Great Homeowner Saw An electric chain saw works for me because I only need it on my heavily wooded lot. Yes it requires a cord (make sure you use the proper gage to protect the motor) but what I gain is a simple and dependable electric motor and not having to deal with a gas engine and all the maintenance and care that gas engines require. I've had two electrics by other manufacturers before the Husqvarna and both eventually broke on me due to heavy use and because they lacked the internal clutch that the 316 has (if your cheaper electric gets jammed in a tree the motor can strip the internal gears). I've heavily used my 316E now for a number of years with no issues at all and I expect to get a lifetime of service from it. September 30, 2013
Electric saw From my experience, you are much better off buying a noisier $60 electric saw from the local hardware store. They last longer and perform better, they just run louder than than the 316e. My second one just smoked in my hands and wasn't cutting anything. My first one went through 4 trigger switches before they gave me another saw. The second one has lasted a whole week before it literally went up in smoke. Husqvarna lost me as a devout customer. $300 of garbage. My saws spend more time in the shop than in my hands. I want my $$$ back. February 2, 2013
Disposable Chainsaw, AVOID! This is a DISPOSABLE chainsaw. That's because you CANNOT FIND A REPLACEMENT BAR! BARS WEAR OUT! It's like buying a car for which you cannot get replacement brake pads. And contacting Husqvarna is NO HELP EITHER! I called and THEY CAN'T IDENTIFY a replacement bar! (They broke a promise to get back to me, haven't heard a thing in two weeks!) DON'T buy this chainsaw unless you're willing to throw it away when the bar wears out! (And WHAT'S UP with the way too short power cord?) November 26, 2012
Exceeded all my expectations! Although the 316E had a large number of very positive reviews on multiple independent websites, I was concerned that an electric would be so much less powerful than a gas model that it would be frustrating and a waste of money. But I didn't want to be bothered with the maintenance and noise of a gas engine, so I took a chance - and was fully impressed by the power & speed, and ease of use & maintenance. The user manual warns not to use an extension cord longer than 50 feet with this saw. The reason for this is to avoid voltage drop due to resistance of long cords, which can damage the motor. Two electrical experts advised me that it would be no problem to use a longer cord so long as it was 10-gauge, to maintain voltage. I have used this saw extensively on 200ft of 10-gauge with no loss of power or unusual behavior, sounds, etc from the motor. This may violate the warranty, but I am an adult, and I will take responsibility if anything happens. Shame that we live in a world where we can't put reasonable advice about using longer cords in the user manual; but customers will always do stupid things and then blame the product. I had only minimal chainsaw experience prior to buying and using this saw. Among the reasons I went electric were: not wanting the noise of using a gas-powered model in my residential neighborhood; not wanting the maintenance hassle of another gas engine; and not wanting too MUCH power that could lead to safety issues due to my inexperience. Another important side benefit is that if you are hauling your own cuttings, you can shut the saw off entirely between cuts, and take your time (and thus be safer) because there are no noise/fuel usage issues, or concerns about keeping the gas engine running while hauling cuttings to the other side of the property. My wife even got in on the action; and this saw is so light (under 10lbs) and easily controllable that she very much enjoyed being able to competently, safely and easily do a dangerous guy thing. I was quickly assigned branch and long-hauling while she happily cut faster than I could carry. My one con is that on my first weekend of cutting the chain-tensioner bolt developed a worn spot and was difficult to adjust. But I am willing to blame that on possible overtensioning by the user, and not the product. I have since replaced the bolt and cut another full day with no problems. Great product, Husqvarna. What a nice surprise in today's world of cutting corners on quality. Thank you. June 24, 2012
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