Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

28 cc, 425 cfm, 170 mph, 9.4 lbs


$ 159.95

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Seriously Had this blower for less than a year and the fuel lines are destroyed. Husqvarna can blame it on ethanol all they want, or they can man-up and say we are sorry we put bad fuel lines in our product. The same gas going in my Husqvarna is the same going into my echo products, and they work just fine. April 28, 2013
Useless First of all I would like to say that I own and operate many Husqvarna products and have owned them even before people around me had ever heard of them. I have always been happy with their products until I bought a 125B blower five years ago. From day one it would barely run only if the choke was tied to full choke position. It has been tuned, new carb installed along with the exhaust inspected. Yet it would not run. This Spring I installed a carb from an older worn out trimmer off a different brand and it will now run with the choke tied at 1/2 choke position but that is it. I never jump and write a review on a product until I have owned and used it for some time. Husqvarna has some great products and I highly recommend most of them. But with their hand held blowers they dropped the ball big time and I will never consider buying another 125B after seeing just how much trouble everyone locally has had with them over the years. April 25, 2013
Better Business Bureau I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this product due to the rampant fuel line disintegration issue. My Echo, Briges and Stratton, Stihl, Honda and KTM small engines have never had a problem with the fuel line. After less than 1 year the fuel line has completely disintegrated. Husqvarna states that this is a "wear" part and that it is only covered by warranty for the first 30 days. It takes about 3-6 months on average by the complaints that I have researched for the fuel line to disintegrate and crack. I am not satisfied. I am angry. This product does not hold up. Customer service is not helpful. I called headquarters and just left a message for the President of the company to call me. My experience with this company will drive me from ever buying another Husqvarna product. April 23, 2013
6 month after buying using less than every 2-3 weeks fuel lines broke apart where they fit into gas tank stopper gas tank stopper and fuel lines appear to be incompatible compounds causing the fuel lines to break down after just a few months and very few hours use, Where do I get replacement fuel lines? April 20, 2013
Do not buy This product is terrible. Worked OK for first year. Then began stalling out after short period of use. Took it back twice to place of ppurchase. Bothe times I was charged $40.00 for repair, but nothing helps. I am lucky if it stays running for more than a minute. I am purchasing a diff. one today, and will drop this off to the place of purchase. Husqvarna should be ashamed of selling this product. DO NOT BUY!!!! April 10, 2013
Bad gas lines in 6 months. I was using once to twice a week. The blower stopped working and I was curious why. new gas checked spark still no go. emptied tank and noticed that the line in the tank was disconnected.... SO I pulled it apart and noticed that the line had corroded and become brittle. A little frustrating for such a new blower. Other than that the blower works great. I read a lot of reviews prior to purchasing and not one said anything about the lines going bad. Now I am looking back through them and there are quite a few. Caution to those that are looking for this blower and are not mechanically inclined. I am lucky that I am. Simple FIx. but a hassle nonetheless March 22, 2013
Off to a poor start-part 2 I wrote a review on Jan 18 on the 125 BVx blower but the software won't let me update my review so I am trying on the 125 B. Please read part1 on 125BVX by Beemer on Jan 18/13. My previous review explains how the brand new blower ended up with the authorized service centre. I went to pick it up today (25 days to adjust a new blower!) The authorized service centre advises me that Husqvarna will not cover their work on warantee. although it says in bold caps on the invoice "DO NOT REPAIR-GIVE EST.FIRST the service guy advises that I need to pay for their adjustment. Although I complain that I don't have any operating time on the blower as it wouldn't run properly out of the box, he advises me that I should have bought it from them and then it would have been set up properly when I got it. The service guy offers to phone the retailer to explain things so they can reImburse me the repair bill for the brand new blower. Of course the retailer is confused about a repair bill for the brand new blower but suggests that since the purchase was more than 30 days ago that I can' t get my money back. Here is the best part! When I got the blower home, I figured that I had better try it right away. I start it up and it is spewing blue smoke like crazy. I thought perhaps some oil had accumulated in the cylinder and it would clear after a couple minutes of running. It smoked for a couple of minutes, the exhaust started to clear and then it died. I got it to start once more and run for about 30 seconds and I couldn't keep it running any longer. I thought "This is crazy!" " I'm going to phone Husqvarna". When I phone the 1-800 number, the recording says, "Press 1 if you are calling from the United States, Press 2 if you are calling from Canada" I press 2 and a couple minutes later I get a message that says "I'm sorry, the call cannot be completed as dialed". Buzzzzzz. I attempted the call 4 more times and now I am writing this review in the hope it will relieve some of my frustration. February 9, 2013
Bad service I bought a new blower from Lowes 125 B and after 3 months in quit running. I sent it in for service and was told it was bad gas and the repair was more that the purchase price. Lowes replace the product. Three months later with the new blower, same problem. Knowing the warranty was worthless I took it apart and the fuel line broke. I replace it with an aftermarket kit and works perfectly. I Imaging the same problem occured with the first blower. February 2, 2013
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