Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

28 cc, 425 cfm, 170 mph, 9.4 lbs


$ 159.95

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Wont Start... AGAIN! Had this unit serviced once - first month of use, blamed on a bad fuel line - inherent problem. a few months later, unit starts. coughs, crashes. Reading about fuel lines, fuel issues... wondering why no accountability and recall for recurring problems. Not reliable when I need it, and now will set aside for trash - no time for junk. Huskie used to make one heck of dirt bike! August 11, 2013
128B Blower - I'm not alone This blower was my first Husqvarna purchase. I thought it was going to be a tool to last for many years and a good value but it appears I was mistaken. Today the primer bulb failed and the unit is right at one year old. Looking on this site today it looks like this is a highly common failure for this model. I had drained the fuel last year at the end of the season as recommended. I understand Husqvarna notes the issue being a result of the ethanol in the gas. That may be true. However, none of my other tools I have owned over the last 25 years have had this problem after such a short period of time. A bigger concern for me is that earlier this week I just purchased a Husqvarna trimmer with attachments and spent over $300 for the set up. Seeing what the blower has done I am concerned that I have made an even more expensive mistake in my choice of trimmer. If the fuel system components in the trimmer are of the same poor quality I am going to be disappointed. I may go ahead and return the trimmer this week while I still can. My advice, based on my personal experience with this product and the numerous similar reviews posted here is to consider other options since this warranty does not cover the repair. August 10, 2013
Great features - simple to use This blower was actually available from a promotional list from our credit card point system. It has turned out to be very useful already and is easy to set up and use. Plus it has good power to move leaves, etc. easily. August 4, 2013
My first and probably last Husqvarna purchase This blower has never had great power or started easy but the ergonomics were good so I tolerated it for 5 months of relatively steady use. Now it is a total pain to start...if i can get it started at all. Yes, I use good gas and oil. I use Ethanol-free gas or stabilizers, etc. The local Husqvarna dealer still said problem is gas related so not covered by the warranty. I even argued that all my other 2-stroke equipment is running great and using the same gas source but to no avail. In short, I cannot recommend this blower for its performance, starting, durability/quality, value or warranty as I have been disappointed in all counts. July 30, 2013
This was my first and will likely be my last Husqvarna purchase. Save your money and buy a different brand of blower. I purchased my Husqvarna leaf blower with big expectations given the marketing of the name. I was wrong and am still regretting that decision. My previous leaf blower was a cheapo unit from THE big department store and it lasted about 13 years. The Husqvarna lasted a whopping 5 MONTHS. I thought that I would spend more money and upgrade to a nicer unit as I thought my old blowers power output had started to drop. The Husqvarna unit never started great and had mediocre performance even compared to my old blower. But the ergonomics and noise level of the Husqvarna was better so I gave my old blower away. After about 5 months of weekly use, the Husqvarna is nearly impossible to start and leaks gas everywhere when it does start. I took it to Lowes first since that was where I purchased it. They said they would not be able to do anything except send it back to husqvarna for $75 (I passed). I then took it to the local Husqvarna dealer who said "its a fuel system problem and is not covered." An amazing analysis since I had not even set it up on the counter yet. My conclusion is that is a standard response so the "warranty" on the unit is not worth the paper it is written on. I cannot think of many failures that could NOT be blamed on the fuel if that is your scape-goat. The fuel system claim baffles me even further as I am borderline OCD on maintenance and material and I use good gas and oil, including stabilizer and ethanol treatment when I do have to use blended fuel. I also have a common gas source for all my 2-cycle lawn equipment (all uses same ratio) and it is all still running great including a string trimmer that is 13+ years old, a 8 year-old hedge trimmer and now an old (borrowed) blower. My owners manual says nothing at all about not being able to use Ethanol blended gas. However, about 80% of the time I do use ethanol free gas as it is better for some of my older equipment; it is getting tough to find so sometimes I do have to use it but I use an ethanol stabilizer during those times. Yes, I guess I could try running the expensive pre-packaged gasoline mix as recommended below (funny...they did not mention that in the advertising!) and hope they would honor their warranty (but I still doubt it). Or I could go back to that department store and buy a brand that cost half as much, ran great for 12 years and used whatever gas was available without complaint. I have not made a purchase yet but I definitely know which way I am leaning. Hopefully, this review will save someone else some headache. July 29, 2013
Do your research first I have had this blower for one year. It ran like a champ for the first summer. Cleaned it up for winter, removed gas and stored away until spring. First time I got it out in the spring, I filled it up and it ran for a few minutes and stalled. I began to notice that it would stall unless the tank was completely full of fuel. The primer bulb was also not filling. I went online and read all of the disasters. Sure enough it was going to cost me almost as much as I paid for it to get it repaired. I ended up ordering the fuel lines online and fixed it myself for under 20 bucks. It is still very hard to start. It takes up to 20 pulls to get it going, my wife won't touch the thing anymore but I refuse to drop more money on a new one when this one still looks brand spanking new. I have read a lot about the type of fuel and how it rots the lines. Well I only use the expensive husqvarna mix sold n the cans at lowes. Since I don't use the blower too much it is economical for me. However that stuff would get expensive if you used it a lot. Doesn't seem to matter anyway, my fuel lines were completely disintegrated when I took it apart. Good luck to you if you buy this model. I would skip it if I had to do it again. July 28, 2013
Great little blower... I don't want to jinx myself, but I did want to leave a review since I see so much negative feedback on this model. Mine is an 2008 model and is still running like a scalded dog, w/ no problems. I just put a new plug in her about a month ago, and that may have been the 2nd plug I ever bought for it. Now I will say I was using fuel additives even before Husky started recommending it, due to me owning a boat and knowing what ethanol can do to an engine. I run a fuel stabilizer in ALL my equipment, and have had zero problems with any Husky product thus far. July 26, 2013
125b blower - terrible purchase I used this blower twice a week for approximately 14 months when it suddenly stopped working. I took it to a repair facility who said they would contact Husqvarna and try to do the repair under the two year warranty. There were two problems, a broken internal engine part and the carburetor was bad. Husqvarna agreed to pay for the internal engine part but not the carburetor. The result is my $150 blower cost me another $100 to repair. I followed the fuel requirements exactly as listed in the manual. I called customer support but was told they would not cover anything fuel related! Isn't that like your health insurance not covering your heart? Consumer Reports was wrong about this one! July 26, 2013
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