Forest tools


  • Splitting Maul

    Splitting Maul

    Designed for splitting chunks of wood. The poll is designed...

    $ 79.26
  • Clearing axe

    Clearing axe

    With hickory shaft and replaceable blade on both faces. Des...

    $ 41.15
  • Forest axe

    Forest axe

    Suitable for small-scale tree felling, limbing logs, branch ...

    $ 65.88
  • Carpenter's axe

    Carpenter's axe

    The Carpenter's axe is best suited for carpentry and other w...

    $ 61.75
  • Small splitting axe

    Small splitting axe

    This Small Splitting axe is best suited for basic splitting ...

    $ 64.84
  • Splitting axe

    Splitting axe

    This powerful Splitting axe is best suited for splitting str...

    $ 68.96
  • Hatchet


    A small axe for fire wood and garden work. Comes with an ed...

    $ 40.95

Hooks and tongs

  • Lifting hook

    Lifting hook

    New handle with improved design and better grip. With scale ...

    $ 22.25
  • Lifting tong

    Lifting tong

    New sharper and improved tong. With an ergonomic handle for ...

    $ 30.95
  • Timber tong

    Timber tong

    Timber tongs made of high quality steel. With an ergonomic h...

    $ 44.95


  • Felling Wedges

    Felling Wedges

    A "must-have" when felling trees. Wedges help the tree fall ...

    $ 6.85

Tool belt

  • Tool belt kit

    Tool belt kit

    Tool belt complete in profiled box with tool belt, two holst...

    $ 195.65
  • Wide tool belt

    Wide tool belt

    Extra wide belt to support the back. Can be fitted with a la...

    $ 27.76
  • Combi holster

    Combi holster

    Ideal for hooks and tongs. Loop for measuring tape. Choose b...

    $ 11.28
  • Rear tool carrier

    Rear tool carrier

    With large storage pocket for first aid kit, spare chain and...

    $ 26.73
  • Leather tool belt

    Leather tool belt

    Waist belt made of leather.

    $ 20.55

Tape measure

  • Measuring tape

    Measuring tape

    Simple, lightweight design. Can be adjusted without tools. M...

    $ 69.95