This Rider has the same advanced articulated steering as the other models, but is also equipped with continuously variable hydrostatic transmission including All-Wheel-Drive. AWD remarkably increase and secure the trafficability on uneven areas and slippery grounds. Front-mounted 94 cm wide Combi cutting deck with the cutting methods BioClip® and rear discharge in one and the same unit. Low emission OHV-engine from Briggs & Stratton.

Briggs & Stratton, 9.8 kW @ 2900 rpm, Hydrostatic AWD, 94 cm

Features for Rider 16C AWD

  • The unique articulated steering system allows the rear pair of wheels to swing in underneath the machine. The result is superior manoeuvrability with a minimum turning radius at full lock.

  • Front-mounted cutting deck for excellent accessibility into corners and under bushes, park benches etc.

  • All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) ensures traction on uneven, wet and slippery areas and slopes. AWD automatically adjusts the traction on all wheels depending on situation and ground condition.

  • Service position on the cutting deck facilitates cleaning and service.

  • Most Riders are built using precision welding in 3-mm thick steel plate and are powder-coated for optimum restistance.

  • All controls, including the cutting height adjustment, are ergonomically located and easy to reach from the operator's seat. The blades are engaged automatically when the cutting deck is lowered.

  • A reliable Kanzaki hydrostatic transmission with dual transaxles. The hydraulic system provide excellent traction via differentials, reducing the risk of tearing the grass.

  • The tilting hood and easy-access servicing points make maintenance and servicing easy.

More features

  • Comfortable driver's position
  • Easy-access controls
  • Engine behind driver
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Pivoting rear axle
  • 1) Measured on trim side turn