Husqvarna 325HS99x is a single cutting edge hedge trimmer with 100 cm bar length. The machine provides unsurpassed balance and is very lightweight. Our LowVib® vibration damping system means that the handles are isolated from both the engine and the cutter bar. This reduces the risk of tiring out when using the machine for extended periods. Powered by our E-TECH® engine with reduced exhaust emissions.

24.5 cm³, 0.7 kW, 100 cm, 5.8 kg

Features for 325HS99x

  • Soft-grip handles for optimum comfort.

  • The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. Resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40%.

  • Fuel pump designed for easy starting.

  • Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, sparing the user’s arms and hands.

More features

  • E-TECH® engine