Husqvarna Garden tractors

Versatility on four wheels.

A wide range of accessories and a built-in choice of several cutting methods give our garden tractors excellent usability. Good for efficient lawn care and heavy tasks around the yard.


First-class cutting decks for maximum efficiency and performance. With the help of different accessories it is possible to convert our tractors to several cutting systems in order to fit different lawn conditions and customer needs.

First-class cutting deck
For maximum performance and efficiency.
Versatile cutting options
The three cutting systems - collection, BioClip® and ejection - ensure cutting efficiency for all kinds of lawns.
Year-round use
A wide range of accessories makes our tractors versatile and useful all year round. They can be fitted with trailers, snow blades, brushes and more.


A switch under the seat automatically stops the engine and cutting deck when the driver leaves the seat. A Reverse Operating System disengages the cutting blades when reversing.

Safety switch under seat
The tractor is equipped with a safety switch under the seat. If the driver leaves the seat the engine and cutting deck are automatically switched off.
Reverse Operating System (ROS)
For improved safety. The ROS disengages the cutting blades when driving in reverse.
Cast front axle
Heavy cast front axle provides superior balance and stability, even with a collector.


Easy-to-reach levers and controls, wide step-through area, adjustable seat and ergonomically designed steering wheel. Easy operation thanks to hydrostatic transmission.

Hydrostatic transmission
Optimises speed and provides excellent driving comfort. On some models speed and direction are controlled with pedals for forward and reverse, while others have a lever on the fender.
Fender-mounted cutting height adjustment
Easy accessible cutting height adjustment for improved ergonomics. The spring-assisted cutting deck makes adjustment easier.
Adjustable sliding seat
Adjustable while seated; seat moves forward and down, or backwards and up.
Ergonomic steering wheel
Comfortable steering wheel, angled for optimal driver’s position.
Ensures comfortable and easy mounting and dismounting.


Robust steel chassis equipped with durable, high-specification overhead valve engines featuring full pressure lubrication and oil filters.

Premium engines
Most of our tractors are equipped with durable and high-specification overhead valve engines from Kawasaki or Kohler featuring full pressure-lubrication and oil filters.
Robust steel chassis
Built on a robust steel chassis, ensuring maximum durability and sturdiness.
Hour meter with service minder
Indicates when it's time to service your mower.