Husqvarna C 1000

C 1000 is our professional universal diamond wire for cutting medium and hard reinforced concrete. Can be used in extreme conditions like dry cutting and iron sawing. Cuts faster and lasts longer than sintered wires. 44 vacuum brazed beads/meter with a diameter of 10,3 mm. Minimum power of machine is 15 kW. Designed for Husqvarna wire saws CS 2512 and CS 10.


  • Excellent balance between speed and life
  • For extreme conditions
  • Unbreakable
  • Ideal for steel, sandwich and hollow structures
  • Ideal for offshore and nuclear
  • For push cutting and pulling machines
  • Designed for cutting in medium to hard reinforced concrete, our universal diamond wire.
  • Can be used in extreme conditions, like dry cutting and iron sawing in addition to wet cutting in concrete or steel sawing.

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