Husqvarna D 1410 Diagrip2™

High speed and outstanding free cutting in very hard concrete and stone. The segment shape helps the mud evacuation and provides less friction. For motors from 1.5 kW.

82 mm


  • Diagrip™ - for superior performance
  • Flexible core length
  • Flexible diameters
  • Possible to customise
  • Notched segments
  • Easy and fast start
  • Fast drilling in light conditions
  • Efficient cooling
  • Several smart accessories available
  • Easy drilling with high speed
  • D 1410 with Diagrip2™ is a top performance drillbit thanks to its lower contact area with evenly distributed cutting edges and high diamond concentration.
  • Innovative segment design for efficient cutting, cooling and slurry evacuation, which increases both cutting speed and service life.
  • A smooth, rapid cut for both handheld and stand drilling.
  • Quick and easy start, smooth drilling with low vibrations.
  • Wide application window for problem-free drilling with most drill motors and materials.