Husqvarna W 1420 Diagrip2™

W 1400 Diagrip™ is our professional concrete diamond blade serie developed for our wall saws. These are top-performing blades that can tackle all types of concrete. The Diagrip technology delivers superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut. The series includes low-noise blades.


  • Narrow blades for low powered saws
  • Possible to order various hole patterns
  • Pre-cut feature
  • Low noise level
  • Diagrip™ - for superior performance
  • Sandwich segment design
  • Smooth and free-cutting start
  • Efficient cooling
  • Possible to customise
  • Maximised cutting speed
  • Diagrip2™ is the name of Husqvarna’s latest innovation in the tools area. Diagrip2™ is based on the Diagrip™ technology, giving superior performance.
  • Low active cutting surface with evenly distributed cutting edges and diamond crystals for best performance.
  • The range includes low noise blades with a three-layer sandwich blade core, which halves the noise level.
  • All blades feature the sandwich design. This helps them blade to retain their shape ensuring superior cutting speed and maximum utilisation of the full segment height.
  • W 1410 Diagrip2™ and W 1405 Diagrip2™ are also available with 3.8 mm blade thickness for low powered electric saws.