Blade diameter

Blades for angle grinders

This range of tools consists of the AS series, our premium blades for professionals who want value for money as well as good performance, and the VN series, which delivers high cutting speed and a good balance between investment and performance.
Our grinding cup wheels are supplied in all required grit sizes for a wide range of applications.

Blades for angle grinders

  • Optimal
  • Good
  • Acceptable
Husqvarna AS 6 Husqvarna AS 12 Husqvarna AS 30 + Husqvarna AS 45 + Husqvarna AS 65 + Husqvarna VN 4 Husqvarna VN 6 Husqvarna VN 10 Husqvarna VN 25 Husqvarna VN 30 Husqvarna VN 65 Husqvarna VN 90 Husqvarna G 345 Fan cups Husqvarna G 445 Turbo cups Husqvarna G 545 Double row cups


AS 6

AS 12

AS 30 +

AS 45 +

AS 65 +

VN 4

VN 6

VN 10

VN 25

VN 30

VN 65

VN 90

G 345 Fan cups

G 445 Turbo cups

G 545 Double row cups

Hard tiles - porcellanato
Ceramic tiles
Concrete hard
Reinforced concrete hard
Reinforced concrete medium
Reinforced concrete soft
Abrasive material
Ductile iron
Cured concrete hard
Green concrete (abrasive) hard
Green concrete (abrasive) soft
Brick hard
Brick medium
Brick soft
Granite soft
Granite medium
Granite hard
Roof tile, clay
Roof tile, concrete
Building block
Building brick
Mortar raking