Husqvarna PRIME™ product range

Changing the game in concrete cutting.

Husqvarna PRIME™ is a new product range of high performance electric cutting equipment. By innovative utilisation of high frequency current and digital processing we bring a whole new level of efficiency and usability to the game, increasing performance, productivity and mobility for our customers. Powerful. Revolutionary. Intelligent. Modular. Electric - that's PRIME.


New technology means great power in a small package.

Lighter! Stronger! Faster! Finally, electric equipment outperform hydraulic systems also in the most demanding concrete cutting and drilling applications. PRIME™ means that your cutting equipment will be easier to handle, and that the job becomes easier, more fun and much faster.

3-phase power
1-phase power
Portable power pack
Powerful tool

Combine a system to suit your needs.

Cutting, wall sawing or drilling? All in one system? You decide! Combine the system that is most efficient for your business. Expand the system as your needs develop.

K 6500
PP 65
PP 220
K 6500 Ring
DM 650
K 6500 Chain