"Husqvarna diamond tools just keep getting better and better"

Gilles Poulet, CMO, Grenoble

"We have been working with Husqvarna for about 15 years and we have a very good relationship. We also have close relationships with our customers and we try to give our suppliers as much information back as possible about how the products perform in the field. Our customers are mainly construction companies and municipal companies. The people that come here are those that are working on the construction sites. They come here often, sometimes two or three times in a day, looking for advice or effective products. We always try to support them with solutions. Husqvarna is one of the suppliers that bring us solutions and products that help us support our customers. We give our customers a lot of support. Simple things like, for us, the coffee machine allows customers to be with a friend and not just in front of a sales representative. We have a very good relation with our Husqvarna sales representative. He likes his job and makes a lot of effort when it is needed. The contact between our aftersales department and Husqvarna's aftersales and spare parts departments is very good, without any problems. The diamond tools from Husqvarna just keep getting better and better. Especially the blade ranges aimed at high performance or high cutting speed, that we have not had before. I think that Husqvarna's competitors will have difficulties to do the same and that makes Husqvarna an important partner for us."