"We run Husqvarna equipment because of the tech support"

Joe Johnson, Texas Cutting & Coring, Austin

"We run all forms of Husqvarna equipment, such as flat saws, wall saws, wire saws and hand saws. We are very pleased with Husqvarna and our representative. We run the majority of Husqvarna blades and bits because of the performance and the durability of their equipment and their bits and blades, and services as well. We are a national company. We travel all over the United States due to the fact that we have specialized equipment. We choose to run Husqvarna equipment because of the tech support and the servicing of things. If something happens we can call our representative and he can make things happen in a timely fashion. We have the equipment but we also have the backup equipment. If something goes wrong we're not having to switch out from vendor to vendor. We have enough on the shelf. If a flat saw goes down, or something happens, we have another saw to back that one up. And they like them because they're easier to run and the technical side of things is easier. But the biggest thing is the technical support and the support from the manufacturing side as far as equipment prepare. It really helps. We have five full-time mechanics here, and they deal with the mechanical end and that end of it. So what they have to deal with is the representatives from Husqvarna and they have nothing but positive feedback from them. So from our end, less is more. The less we've got to talk to you, the better off we are. And that's where we're standing."