"Husqvarna is always willing to listen"

Douglas Smith, Sunbelt Rentals, Houston

"We carry pretty much the whole product line from Husqvarna, right from the largest 66-hp flat saw, all the way down to the smaller gas saws, self-propelled to push type. We carry all the core drills, all the floor grinders. There's a lot of products that we started carrying that a lot of people don't even know exist. So we like to say that we carry the full product line of almost everything that Husqvarna offers. And if there is a product we don't carry, we're very interested in possibly purchasing it if there is a market to rent it. When a customer comes in and they're not sure about a Husqvarna product, we've been trained by the Husqvarna staff. They're very involved in the process to make sure that we're qualified to help sell the product, its benefits versus the competitors. So all of our staff that is selling the product has a good knowledge to help us sell the product to make the customer comfortable, that the Husqvarna name is a product that they're going to use, and will give them a good service at the end of it. Husqvarna is always willing to listen to what we do with the product. Because downtime, it's extremely important to have minimal downtime. It has to be a reliable product. Not just for us, but also for the customer. Sunbelt has a guarantee that if it breaks we're going to swap it or fix it within four hours, or that rental is free. So we have to have a vendor that's going to back us, that understands the demands that we need, and have to have a quality product, or we're going to have to no-charge that rental at the end of the day.