"The DXR gives us a much higher force and productivity"

Boris Polishuk, ADEL, Moscow

"In our line of work it is important to use equipment such as Husqvarna DXR. We mostly work indoors and it would be impossible for us to transport large pieces of concrete. With the help of the robot we are able to divide the concrete into smaller pieces and easily remove them from wherever we are working. Husqvarna DXR really helps us a lot. Of course this kind of work could also be done with other equipment like jackhammers, but that would take way too much time. Using the DXR gives us a much higher force and productivity. We bought the Husqvarna DXR two years ago and we have already seen a return on our investment. This is a construction site for an office/shopping center. Here we have the large foundation pit of the previous four-floor building where we have been tasked to remove the rest of the remaining building. The construction site that we are currently working on has been a challenge but Husqvarna DXR has proven to be a very useful tool for breaking through thick concrete.