• Join us Out There.

    Step in behind the scenes at Husqvarna, venture into the wilderness with us and be the first to get the latest news. It’s all available “Out there” – A section devoted to our world..

  • Passion for power, performance and innovative techniques.

    We’ve been working alongside professional forest workers for over 50 years now, which has given us a unique insight and working perspective that we have been able to utilise in our product development. Together with our desire for new thinking and innovation, the result is powerful and reliable chainsaws that meet the needs of all our customers.

  • With you and your whole garden in mind.

    A beautifully crafted and maintained garden brings with it many rewards, and the work to do it should give you just as much pleasure. That’s why we have created products with outstanding high performance, durability and innovative solutions. Our outdoor power product range consists of everything from chainsaws and trimmers to lawnmowers and snow throwers, and all our machines help you work with ease and comfort.

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