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  • Clearing in the forest after a storm
  • After the storm
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    After the storm

    Families trapped in their homes. Trees coming straight at you while working. As a firefighter in frequently storm-hit Mississippi, Woodman Speights has plenty of experience of working with chainsaws in tough conditions. Like the dangerous task of storm cleanup – something that should only be done by trained professionals. “I’ve seen some serious damage,” he says.
    • Time: Depends on amount of damage
    • Effort: High
    • Level: Professional
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  • From professionals

    Luke Chapman (woodcarver) reviews the battery chainsaw 536LiXP

    This chainsaw was brought to me to try out at the East Anglian Game and Country show on 23rd April '16 by Andy Campbell, to give my verdict on how it would behave as a carving tool, and to show what could be done with it in front of an audience.

  • From professionals

    How to run an arborist business and compete around the world, Jo Hedger's story

    Triple World Tree Climbing Champion, Jo Hedger, joins Husqvarna's H-Team. Alongside competing in tree climbing championships around the world, Jo runs a successful arborist business, Arbor-Venture Tree Care. Read more about here impressive experience!

  • From professionals

    Meet the H-Team

    What do a former world champion, world logging championship representative and FCA board member and a City & Guilds Assessor and Lantra instructor all have in common? They are all members of the newly formed Husqvarna H-Team. A dedicated, highly skilled and industry respected group of individuals who have been tasked to help make Husqvarna even greater! Continue reading to discover who they are.

  • Mayumi Ishimura
    From professionals

    Interview: Mayumi Ishimura

    Today we have taken the opportunity to sit down with Mayumi Ishimura. She lives in Aomori City, in the North East Region (Tohoku) of Japan and she is specialize in the sale and maintenance of wood stoves, pellet stoves, and other wood biomass fuelled heaters, as well as in the sale of firewood.

  • Battery tophandle chainsaw T536Li XP
    Tools to use

    Why Choose a Top-Handle Chainsaw?

    Top-handle chainsaws are the perfect choice for professional users and arborists. In this article, Husqvarna will explain why this type of chainsaw might be the right choice for your application.

  • Working with chainsaws part 1

    Limbing thick branches

    A different work technique is used for limbing thick branches than that used for thin branches. This applies to leaf trees and other trees with thick, extensive branches. The working technique often matches the technique used for crosscutting. In order to avoid splitting and the guide bar pinching, it is important that you use the correct technique and sequence.

  • Working with chainsaws part 1


    Consider the crosscutting carefully, especially for larger logs. An incorrect work technique can be dangerous and cause the trunk to split or the guide bar to become pinched. First assess the tension in the trunk. Make it a habit to look at how the trunk reacts to being cut. You may have misjudged the tension.

  • Images Working with chainsaws, part 2

    Crosscutting - Compressive stress from the bottom

    Crosscutting trees which have compressive stress from the bottom should be done by following this technique.

  • 346XP TrioBrake

    Crosscutting - Compressive stress from the top

    Crosscutting trees which have compressive stress from the top should be done by following this technique.