Treat your Husqvarna Automower® to an all-inclusive winter stay

Give your robotic lawn mower a good service before putting it to winter rest at one of our Husqvarna dealers. We will store, and take care of your lawn mower, and make sure you get a longer service life out of it.

Longer Service Life

A robotic lawn mower is an advanced piece of machinery that operates in a moist and often dirty environment. If you regularly service and clean your lawn mower you can prevent soil and water from entering reaching sensitive areas. This will not only extend the life of your Husqvarna Automower®, but also prevent unplanned expenses.

How it Works

Our service technicians will take your entire robotic lawn mower apart (including the charging station and power supply unit), clean it thoroughly, check operation, control the sensors, electronics, blades, update the software, and much more. They will get rid of all that grass and grime on the inside that could otherwise cause problems and trap moisture inside your robotic lawn mower. One of the most important aspect of a service is also to make sure that all seals are whole, so that no water can enter the machinery and processor during the next season of operation. Usually, the service also means that your lawn mower is lubricated and receives a water resistant wax coating on mechanical parts.

Service Automower

Check in your Robotic Lawn Mower to a Hotel

When you hand in your robotic lawn mower for an annual service, you can also let us store it for you over the winter. You simply pick it up in the spring when it’s ready to be used, and it will be cleaned and prepared for another season of work when the grass begins to grow. This saves space in the garage and you can pick it up, or have it delivered, at your convenience.

In the hotel, your Husqvarna Automower® is kept in a dry and heated environment, which is optimal to prevent rust. This ensures the longest possible service life out of your robotic lawn mower.

General Advice

If you want to store your Automower® yourself, we recommend that you give it a service at your Husqvarna dealer beforehand. It’s also important that you keep it in a dry environment above freezing point. Dirty robotic mowers that are stored in cold and damp environments will have a significantly shorter service life. It is highly recommended that you also store the charging station indoors over the winter.

Service Automower

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