Trimmer Attachments and Accessories

Saw blades

Time to tame the wilderness? Make your clearing saw even more efficient with a saw blade from Husqvarna.

Trimmer lines

Get that great result with an original quality line from Husqvarna. They suit Husqvarna trimmer heads and are extra durable to minimize downtime.

Trimmer heads

Get great result with an original trimmer head from Husqvarna. They are all durable and will minimize downtime.

Lubricants & fuel

By regularly maintaining your brushcutter or trimmer it will last longer. We have a wide range of lubricants, fuels and cans to make maintenance easier.


An ergonomic and comfortable posture will make your task easier. Use one of our many harnesses to carry out your job safely and ergonomically.


Working with a powerful tool also means necessary precautions. Equip your trimmer or brushcutter with a practical guard to suit your task.