9 мая 2012

Enter the new era - hands-free drilling is here!

Want to get more out of your working day and earn more money? With Husqvarna hands-free drilling you will become more productive. Learn how!

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Finally, someone takes core drilling into the automatic era

Husqvarna hands-free drilling Husqvarna hands-free drilling

Husqvarna AD 10 is here to revolutionise diamond core drilling. By automating feeding and retraction operations, contractors can become more effective and their companies even more profitable. The system consists of Husqvarna automatic feed unit AD 10 together with the drill motors DM 280 or DM 340 and stand DS 450 or DS 50 Gyro, plus Diagrip drill bits. Even better, the systems are easy to transport, mount and use so you will get the job done in no-time. Welcome to the new era!


Husqvarna AD 10 - Profitable Husqvarna AD 10 - Profitable

With AD 10, you can produce far more holes per work day than with manual feed. Optimising feed rate also means less wear on the drill bit. This makes AD 10 an investment with qucik payback time.


Husqvarna AD 10 Efficient Husqvarna AD 10 - Efficient
The optimum feed rate and fast retraction of the drill core makes the work very efficient. The system's easy assembly and disassembly also saves setup time.


Husqvarna AD 10 - Efficient Husqvarna AD 10 - Efficient
AD 10 is very easy to install and use together with Husqvarna stands and DM 280 and DM 340 drill motors. AD 10 sences which drill motor is being used and automatically optimises the feed rate.


Husqvarna AD 10 - Ergonomic Husqvarna AD 10 - Ergonomic
Reduced body stress. Since you don't have to feed the drill manually, you don't need to stand with bent knees and curved back during the work.
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