Husqvarna SmartSwitch™ Lawn Mowers. Things just got easier.

The future has arrived in outdoor power equipment.

Whether you want to cut the grass and be done or enjoy mowing and creating a well manicured lawn, you need lawn equipment that is tailor-made for both you and your yard. Husqvarna offers an extensive range of professionally proven lawn tractors and zero turn mowers that meet virtually every cutting need.

We asked customers what they would like to see on future riding lawnmowers, the results were always the same. “Make it easier to start”, “if something is wrong, tell me somehow”, “can you make it more secure around my children?” The new SmartSwitch™ ignition brings the convenience of one touch starting, real time feedback and “key-less” security to lawn equipment. No more complicated starting procedures, lost keys or concerns of leaving unattended. Reasonably priced, the SmartSwitch™ lineup offers the best value you'll find among riding lawn mowers.

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Husqvarna SmartSwitch™ Lawn Mower

Lawn Tractors and Zero Turn Mowers with SmartSwitch™ Technology

Husqvarna GT48XLSi Garden Tractor Husqvarna GT54XLSi Garden Tractor Husqvarna RZ46i Zero Turn Mower Husqvarna RZ54i Zero Turn Mower
GT48XLSi Tractor GT52XLSi Tractor RZ46i Zero Turn RZ54i Zero Turn


Husqvarna SmartSwitch™ Garden Tractor

Husqvarna SmartSwitch™ Garden Tractor Operation

Husqvarna SmartSwitch™ Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna SmartSwitch™ Zero Turn Mower Operation

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