Husqvarna chainsaw selector

Are you looking to trim or cut down trees? To clean up after a big storm? To cut firewood? When buying a new chainsaw the most important thing to consider is how you will use it.

Husqvarna Battery Chainsaw

This chart is designed to help you pick the best chainsaw based on your application needs. Chainsaw applications are listed on the top bar of the chart. Chainsaw models based on user type classification is listed on the left bar of the chart. As you move across the chart row, look for the full color dot(s) to guide you to the best chainsaw choice for a particular application. For example, if you're looking for a good price saw to handle simple tree trimming in addition to some felling work, then you would choose a saw that can perform light and heavy clean up work. According to the cart, the 450 model would be your best option.

Please visit the chainsaws product page to get details on price, bar length, weight, handle, and additional specifications. You can also find user reviews for our best-selling and top-rated models.

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