Husqvarna FS 6100 D

(966 56 39-01)

The Husqvarna FS 6100 D is for jobs such as airports, highways, service work and other applications where production is a concern. It is ideal for mid-size to small jobs that require high production rates when cutting depth is no more than 17".


  • Convenient transport between truck and work site
  • Blade clutch
  • Quick dis-engagement at blade slam
  • Quick Stick™
  • Optimised cutting performance
  • Highly versatile 3-speed version
  • Tier 3/Interim Tier 4 emissions compliant.
  • Equipped with a 3-speed gearbox for optimal blade performance.
  • Rear pivot provides added maneuverability during road repair and service work.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame provides optimal weight distribution and balance.
  • Smooth running performance reduces vibration.
  • Lift bail is standard.
  • Tachometer/bladeshaft rpm gauge

    The tachometer/bladeshaft rpm gauge on the FS 6600 D and FS 4800 D indicates engine rpm or bladeshaft rpm. Bladeshaft rpm range is color coded to gear selection position.

  • Three speeds

    On the FS 6600 D and FS 4800 D, the gearbox shift lever is used to change the output speed of the engine gearbox. Three speeds and two neutral positions are standard on 3-speed models. The gearbox shift lever positions are color-coded to match the blade diameter and the bladeshaft rpm decal located on the control panel. Gearbox detent locks the gearbox shift lever in position.