Husqvarna DS 50 Gyro

(965 15 78-22)

The Husqvarna DS 50 Gyro is a telescopic stand system that works with most drill motors. This system features quick mounting, easy drilling and fast unmounting on-site, saving both time and money. The modular system and the stand’s flexibility allow both straight and angled drilling in walls, floors and ceilings.


  • Profitable and efficient setup
  • Fast and easy setup between horizontal and vertical drilling operations.
  • Due to the tiltable and turnable column this is the most efficient stand for drilling numerous holes in various positions with a single setup.
  • As the unit is installed between the floor and ceiling, with no anchoring, you avoid damage to the surroundings.
  • The flexible column means excellent ergonomics, since there are few lifting steps.
  • Modular and flexible

    The drill column is easy to turn and tilt meaning it is ideal for drilling numerous holes at almost any angle, providing several combination options.

  • Quick mounting of drill motor

    The easy mounting of the drill motor means quick setup.

  • Installed by stanchion

    The drill rig is installed between floor and ceiling, with no need of anchoring. This means it is quick to setup and is gentler on the surroundings.


  • Angle drilling
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Vertical drilling