OilGuard Premium 2-Stroke Engine Oil

(504 06 72-01)

OilGuard oil is a high-quality two-stroke oil developed specially for dusty environments. It is easily recognized by its yellow colour. The oil can be used in any premium two-stroke engine, to provide maximum performance and lubrication.


  • Lowers engine operating temperatures.
  • Reduces smoke.
  • Includes a fuel stabilizer.
  • OilGuard's unique yellow color is used to regulate Husqvarna's patented OilGuard system in selected power cutter models to eliminate piston and cylinder failures caused by lack of lubrication.
  • 1-9 cases - standard discount applies
  • 10-49 cases - receive an additional 5% off
  • 50+ cases - receive an additional 10% off, freight prepaid