Forest axe

Suitable for small-scale tree felling, limbing logs, branch trimming and clearing bushes. The long handle gives power to the cut. Comes with an edge cover in leather.

The head is attached to the handle using both a wooden and a steel wedge to secure fastening.


$ 65.88

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Product reviews for Forest axe

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Husqvarna Forest Axe I purchased the Husqvarna Forest axe for it's light weight and the shorter handle, this axe cuts, I have used a large axe purchased from the big box stores and after sharpening, the axe still wouldn't cut due to the stamped out axe head, the steel is not dense enough to transfer the power to cut into the wood, the axe basically bounced off. The Husqvarna forest axe is hand forged, the steel is hammered several times to make it hard. After receiving my axe all that was needed was a few strokes with a file and a little dressing up with a wet stone and this thing cuts and holds an edge. If you want to buy an axe like they used to make, get this one. Ps: I don't recommend this axe for felling large trees, but for trimming and general chopping, I cut down a scrub oak that was 8 inch in diameter in less than a minute, so it cuts very well. November 9, 2013
Great Axe As with the hatchet I purchased at the time Husqvarna was in the middle of model chages for thier axe when I purchased it and my old review is not visable to potential buyers. For thier benefit I am writting it again to let them know that you will not find a better Sweedish hand forged steel axe for the price Husqvarna is asking. My axe has been used extensively and is awesome in the woods. November 3, 2013
Great piece of equipment!!! I just recently received my first Husqvarna Forest Axe and I am quite pleased. Out of the box it looks great. It is well balanced and feels solid. The Forest Axe cuts clean and held it's edge after hours of use. Compared to other hand made axes on the market you get a lot of tool for the money in the Husqvarna line. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to do a little tree trimming the old fashioned way. February 18, 2013
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