Our wide product range is among the largest in the world. As well as wheeled and handheld products it includes accessories, tools, protective equipment, fuel and lubricants. What distinguishes these products, apart from high performance and operational reliability, is innovative technology, advanced ergonomic solutions and environmentally friendly engines.

Grass cutting

  • Riders

    Husqvarna Riders are undoubtedly the ultimate ride-on mower in any garden. The front-mounted cutting deck reaches almost everywhere and the unique articulated steering provides unsurpassed manoeuvrability and small turning radius.

  • Garden tractors

    Despite the fact that they are excellent ride-on mowers, our garden tractors are built for all kinds of garden work. And with our wide range of accessories there’s work all year round.

  • Walk behind Lawnmowers

    A perfectly mowed lawn calls for a lawnmower that is tailor-made for both you and your lawn. For this reason we offer a wide range of lawnmowers as well as several cutting techniques to choose from.

  • Robotic mowers

    If you want a perfect lawn, but not the work, Automower® is the answer to all your prayers. Our robotic lawn mowers are silent, electrically powered and fully automatic.


  • Hedge trimmers

    A perfect trimmed hedge can be the finishing touch for your garden’s appearance, but it can also be a pain to achieve. It depends on the tools you use.

  • Brushcutters

    A brushcutter is one of the most versatile tools there is for garden work. Use it with a trimmer head or grass blade for dense grass and weeds.

  • Trimmers

    It is the finishing touch that makes a garden perfect. Our efficient and easy handling trimmers do the job. With a detachable shaft, the trimmer handles more than you expect.


  • Chainsaws

    Our 50 years in the chainsaw business have seen a steady flow of safety and efficiency improvements, and a growing range of products. Whatever your working experience, from felling trees to cutting firewood, there will always be one to suit you.

  • Power cutters

    Husqvarna is a world leader when it comes to handheld power cutters. The range includes machines with various types of power sources: petrol, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical.

    Soil & ground

    • Blower

      Now you can put your rake in the shed, for good. Instead of raking leaves, debris etc you just blow and collect it. Our easy handling blowers can also be converted to a vacuum cleaner for your garden.

    • Cultivators

      Regardless of the size of your garden, from time to time you need to cultivate the soil to achieve better growth. Using a spade can be backbreaking, but with a motorised cultivator the job gets done perfectly and with minimal effort.


    • Snow throwers

      The first snow almost always comes as a surprise. With our high-capacity snow throwers this can be a pleasant one. With its two-stage auger/impeller system and electric start you can throw your troubles away. Enjoy wintertime!

    • Ice augers

      If you’re into winter fishing, we have the perfect tool for you. A powerful motorised ice auger with all the benefits you need for a great catch.


    • Olive Harvesters

      Powerful and efficient olive harvester equipped with raw powered X-TORQ® engine for highest productivity. Up to 20% less fuel consumption leads to more power out of less fuel and less refuellings as a result. Comfortable harness included.