Husqvarna 235R is a mid-size brushcutter for use in dense vegetation with either a trimmer head or a blade. Fitted with our largest brushcutter engine with E-TECH®. The LowVib® vibration damping system effectively reduces vibrations in both the handles and in the parts that come in contact with the body, reducing the strain of long shifts.

40.2 cm³, 1.3 kW, 7.3 kg

Features for 235R

  • Standard harness for lighter brushcutters.

  • Fuel pump designed for easy starting.

  • Optimised shaft length and 35 degree bevel gear facilitates operation and allows the cutting equipment working parallel to the ground.

  • The cutting attachment combi-guard can be used with either a grass blade or a trimmer head.

  • Magnetic locking pin holder facilitates switch of cutting equipment.

  • Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, sparing the user’s arms and hands.

  • Bevel gear designed with high torque and the cutting equipment parallell to the ground for best cutting performance