Husqvarna Ramus –hedge trimmer design concept

Husqvarna has designed an ultra-light and intelligent concept hedge trimmer to manifest its belief in the potential from connectivity and high-performing battery products. The visionary concept trimmer features existing technologies from the forefront of different industries, and a visor that uses augmented reality and real-time data from the trimmer to support operators.

Husqvarna’s team of experts have worked together in mapping out the potential from cutting edge technologies from other industries – as well how to apply them together in a way that resonates with Husqvarna’s expertise in landscaping work. The result is an idea of a tool designed around the needs of the professional user, where all details are selected and crafted to meet a specific purpose, true to Husqvarna’s design philosophy. The design concept’s name is ‘Ramus’ which is Latin for branch, which represents both the hedge trimming and how the different parts of the concept works together as a whole system, and communicates with each other. 

"This concept is not your typical trimmer for weekend trimming, the ambition has been to look ahead and create unprecedented performance to support professionals in taking the next step. With Ramus, operators can work with less and more balanced weight that allow them to use it more creatively, with great flow and precision properties in the tool.” says Rajinder Mehra, Brand Design Manager at Husqvarna.

Rajinder Mehra, Brand Design Manager at Husqvarna

The concept trimmer is operated through an extendable telescope handle, with resistive and pressure sensitive grips that allow the operator to handle the tool through a great variety of holdings while working. The handle automatically senses when the operators has two hands on the grip, regardless of how they are placed on the handle.

Quick exchangeable knifes are mounted in an axis that can be tilted to allow for more ergonomic work in multiple angels. The knifes are made in carbon fibre and the blades is crafted with a ceramic core, with cutting edges in liquid metal. The effect is extremely sharp yet lightweight. Each blade is equipped with a sensor that communicates with the battery to govern exactly how much power should be provided for the job at hand at the moment.

Husqvarna Ramus comes with an optional visor with augmented reality to enhance the user experience. The visor uses real-time data from the trimmer to support the operator with everything from machine status information to projected cutting patterns while trimming. There is for example the potential to create template patterns based on the work you’ve already done, and then use augmented reality to replicate that shape and give cutting directions on the visor – allowing you to achieve the same proportions over and over again. The trimmer also features an integrated micro camera that displays the cutting view within the visor when cutting high hedges or complicated angels out of sight.

Husqvarna Ramus can also be plugged into an additional hip belt battery to further prolong the running time of the product. The hip belt design supports the ergonomics while working without any heat to be generated against the back of the operator. Magnetically attached power connectors make it extremely easy to plug or unplug the hip belt battery. 
Husqvarna Ramus

Hedge trimmer features

  • Integrated micro camera
  • Quick exchangeable knifes that can be tilted for work in multiple angels
  • A linear electric engine that engenders slim lined proportions of the trimmer
  • Resistive and pressure sensitive handles to activate and lock/unlock the trimmer
  • Cutting equipment in carbon fibre and with knife blades axisand liquid metal
  • Sensors on each knife to share real-time data while working
  • Connected battery technology

Visor features

  • Gyro and pulse sensors
  • Integrated GPS, camera and scanner
  • Augmented reality visor to support users both in work and idle mode – for example in measuring work, assign work from contractors to operators or pre visualizing planning and execution details
  • Microphone and com-radio to facilitate team communications
  • Built in battery

Hip belt battery features

  • Additional power source to complement the hedge trimmer and extend running times
  • Magnetically attached power connectors
  • Ergonomic design that accommodates smoothly to different positions while working
The design concept Husqvarna Ramus was unveiled at an international press event in Antwerp September 30, 2015. The concept is based on ideas for the future, and there are no current plans for production