Husqvarna evolves the game of professional battery-powered products

Antwerp, September 30, 2015

Husqvarna has applied its expertise in landscaping into a complete range of battery-powered handheld products for professionals. With a unique brushless motor, the range provides performance and torque that meet equivalent petrol engines. The result is powerful yet lightweight tools, with low sound and vibrations levels as well as a lower cost of ownership.

Husqvarna is providing a complete range of battery-powered handheld products for landscaping professionals and municipalities – from hedge trimmers, grass trimmers and brushcutters to blowers, chainsaws and pole saws. Inspired by technology used in model aircraft, Husqvarna has developed a unique, more robust brushless motor, which offers a superb combination of weight, durability and power. The brushless motor can be up to 25% more efficient than standard brush motors on other battery products, which on a trimmer for example produces a high and consistent torque — even if cutting thick or wet grass. The high efficiency also enables a longer runtime, as less energy is lost.

“Just like an electric Tesla car can achieve tremendous acceleration and power, our brushless electrical motors release full power immediately from start, with a torque that outperform many modern petrol engines.“ says Anna Annvik, Global product manager at Husqvarna.

Anna Annvik, Global product manager at Husqvarna

Despite the beliefs of many, working with battery has financial upsides too. The total cost of ownership for the battery-powered products is lower than petrol powered products. The initial investment is higher, but the running and maintenance costs are substantially lower.

The power and performance from Husqvarna’s professional range is a fully satisfactory replacement for their petrol-driven counterparts. After rigorous testing of capacity and life cycle of a large number of battery cells under high load, Husqvarna works with Li-ion batteries that recharge quickly and offers one of the best standards for weight, volume and power ration on the market.

Low noise, low vibration

The quiet properties enable work to be done at all hours of the day, even side by side with people in urban areas and parks. Vibration levels are reduced to a minimum. Each product is intuitive to operate so users only need to push a button to start or stop the product, eliminating the need for starter cords and extra pulls. 

“We know that even small details can have a big impact, especially for professionals that work a full day in the field. For example, working with battery gives us new opportunities to reduce weight, and we have made sure to cut the grams where we know they matter most to the user.” says Anna Annvik, Global product manager at Husqvarna.

Anna Annvik, Global product manager at Husqvarna

Husqvarna´s battery system offers great flexibility with two integrated batteries, as well as two backpack battery models. The system enables the possibility to optimize weight or runtime depending on the task. For the operator, this means you can use an integrated battery for smaller jobs or choose the backpack battery for longer runtime, tougher tasks or work far away from the power grid.

Husqvarna’s long heritage in chainsaws and other outdoor powered products, combined with experience in landscaping work has governed the development team in finding specific applications and opportunities from new electric technology. For example:

  • Inventing new features, allowing trimmer heads to rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise, allowing operators to switch the direction so that grass clippings end up exactly where they want them, and thereby avoiding unwanted clippings on walkways, resulting in reduced time for cleaning work.
  • Using ergonomic insights to build tools around the user – for example finding the ideal design for the handle bar on a trimmer to boost performance and freedom of movement, so users don’t risk bumping into the machine when they walk, especially on slopes.
  • Developing supporting harnesses for professional work, further helping to secure and spread the machine’s weight out evenly without compromising movement ability, relieving a significant amount of stress from operators’ arms and shoulders.

Quick facts about Husqvarna’s pro battery range:

  • Improved working environment – no direct emissions and exhausts
  • Work in noise-sensitive areas – low noise level
  • Work for a long time without break – low vibrations
  • Low maintenance – electric and hassle-free drive system
  • All weather use – encapsulated electronics
  • High efficiency and performance – robust brushless motors
  • Low running cost and clean operation – no fuel needed
High performance – for increased productivity