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Unmatched manoeuvrability meets superior comfort with the NEW Husqvarna P 525D Rider

Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — introduces the new P 525D Rider, now also available with a robust, factory assembled cabin that allows professional landscapers to continue working even in poor weather conditions and heavy rain. The cabin on the P 525D has been developed with an anti-vibration chassis, resulting in significantly lowered vibration and noise levels and thereby increasing user comfort. Improved fitting between the doors and cabin also increases the overall integrity of the attachment, making the cabin more robust and durable. The addition of a cabin results in the best and most comfortable way to work longer during cold and wet weather.

A landscaping partner for all seasons

Developed for professionals who need to tackle a variety of landscaping jobs over the seasons, the P 525D is extremely versatile because of the many attachments that can be quickly and easily fitted onto the front mower in a matter of minutes — allowing various tasks to be completed with a single machine. Available attachments that can be easily and quickly fitted include a blower, weed brush, spreader, flail mower and broom.

Some of Husqvarna’s P 525D attachments: flail mower (left), blower (centre), broom (right),

Make turns you never thought possible

Husqvarna’s front mowers have the smallest uncut circle in the industry!  By fully-locking the steering wheel, the P 525D will leave just a 58 cm (22 inch) uncut circle. Equipped with Husqvarna’s unique articulated steering, the rear lets the wheels of the P 525D swing in underneath the front mower, resulting in greater manoeuvrability and better balance — since the machine’s pivoting point is behind the driver’s seat. All-Wheel-Drive is another feature that comes with the P 525D, so that handling uneven, wet or slippery areas becomes safer.

Precision, performance - and profitability

A study recently conducted by Husqvarna shows that large-scale commercial mowers generally only manage about 65% of the grass areas they should mow. The remaining 35% has to be taken care of afterwards, using a walk-behind mower or trimmer. This means lower productivity and increased labour costs. The reason behind this is that most machines haven’t been designed for the complex grass areas that professional landscapers have to deal with on a daily basis.

The exception is Husqvarna’s 500 series front mowers with their many smart solutions that work to reduce the amount of follow-up trimming required to only 20% - allowing you to be finished earlier and on the way to your next job.

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