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New lightweight, high performance battery brushcutter

Do you need a powerful tool for cutting really dense grass and brushwood? The 536LiRX brushcutter from Husqvarna has been specially designed to enable you to manage the tough tasks that a trimmer alone isn’t able to handle.

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The 536LiRX brushcutter with steel blade is the latest addition to the 500-series battery products from Husqvarna, bringing you a lightweight, high performance bullhorn brushcutter that is up to even the toughest tasks. It has been created for professionals, including contractors, landscapers and gardeners – Husqvarna’s most demanding users – who appreciate the low weight and outstanding performance of the 500-series battery trimmers, but require a tool that is even more powerful for clearing  heavy grass and dense bushes in larger areas or on slopes. In other words, it comes with all the advantages you get from the trimmer, while enabling you to handle far more challenging tasks.

Lightweight tool for heavy-duty work

The first thing you notice about the 536LiRX is how light it is. At Husqvarna, your working conditions are our top priority, which is why all our products – even the most heavy-duty ranges – have been optimised for comfort and ease of use. The 536LiRX offers excellent ergonomics, along with a compact, slimmed-down construction with the front handle close to the center of gravity. This makes the brushcutter light and well balanced, enabling you to work comfortably all day. 

The aerodynamic shape of its steel blades helps reduce noise and vibration as well as making the 536LiRX brushcutter more efficient. In fact, the runtime on a single charge has been extended by up to 50 per cent for a brushcutter in combination with steel grass blade compared with a product equipped with a trimmer line. It also comes with a mounted trimmer head and high-efficient 3-tooth grass blade, both of which have been specially designed to help you clear rough areas with minimum effort. Meanwhile, the mount interface is the same as on Husqvarna’s petrol brushcutters, enabling you to use it with any existing Husqvarna steel blades.

Convenient, powerful batter product

Like every product in our Battery Series, the 536LiRX brushcutter offers all the power, performance and intuitive design you expect from Husqvarna, in a convenient, easy-to-use battery form. The powerful 36V Li-ion battery pack and the specially developed brushless motor combine to give you the same power, reliability and lifetime you would expect from a gas-powered product, but with reduced operating costs and no direct emissions.

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    Husqvarna launches Apple Watch app for Husqvarna Automower®

    As the first producer of outdoor power products in the world, Husqvarna has launched an app for Apple Watch. With the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app you always have the status of your robotic mower at an arms reach – no matter where you are.

    Husqvarna Automower® Connect is a smartphone app that allows you to interact with your robotic mower from wherever you are. Now it’s time for the sequel. The Automower® Connect Apple Watch app makes it even easier and more enjoyable to own the Husqvarna Automower®.

    Key interactions 

    The Automower® Connect Apple Watch app contains the most essential functionalities of the smartphone app. It enables you to quickly start, park, stop and check the status of your robotic mower, right from your wrist. If you are in the supermarket and your daughter wants to let the dog out into the garden, she won’t have to wait until you get home. Simply stop the Automower® with a command from your Apple Watch. There’s also a glance feature, giving you access to the status of your mower with a simple swipe on the watch face.

    Andreas Källming, who has been part of developing the app, explains that designing for Apple Watch requires a whole new approach to interactions compared with when you design for smartphones and tablets.

    “The Apple Watch is not created for you to interact with for more than three or four seconds at a time. You should be able to take action quickly – and then get on with your day. It should liberate you from your smartphone, yet keep you informed and in control”, he says.  

    Your personal digital eco-system

    The market for wearable technology is growing and Andreas Källming sees a future where connected products such as cars, keys, means of identification – and now robotic mowers – will create personal digital eco-systems, that simplifies everyday life for the users.

    “We are always working to have a cutting edge approach to new technology and we continue to look for new ways to make it more fun and convenient to own and use our products”, Källming concludes.

    For a closer look at the watch, take a look at this video.

    The Automower® Connect Apple Watch app is available for Husqvarna Automower® models 320 and 330X. The robotic mower must be equipped with a SIM card. Talk to your dealer for information about pricing and installation. 

    For a quick status update just check your Apple watch