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    Husqvarna protective wear: Materials handpicked for protection and flexibility

    At Husqvarna, we’ve worked hard to learn what defines comfort in professional forestry and logging, how it can be improved and what type of comfort is needed in each part of your workday.

  • Maintenance

    Husqvarna protective wear: Washing and repair guides

    Clean and whole clothes are safe clothes. Your protective clothes are regularly exposed to sweat and oil — substances that may reach the protection layer and reduce its function.

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    Husqvarna protective wear: Find your size

    Husqvarna protective clothes are available in many different sizes, to fit all types of loggers and challenges. We have created the size guide below to help you. Take a few moments to check your body measurements against the guide to find your right size.

  • Usage

    How to start a Husqvarna top handle chainsaw

    Remember to always follow all safety precautions when starting your Husqvarna chainsaw. The chain brake must be engaged to reduce the risk of injury. Never start a chainsaw unless the bar, chain and all covers are fitted correctly. Otherwise the clutch can come loose and cause serious injuries. Place the machine on firm ground. Ensure you have a secure footing and that the chain is not in contact with anything. Keep people and animals well away from the working area.

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    How to start a Husqvarna chainsaw

    When starting a chainsaw you should always ensure to heed all safety precautions. Never start the saw engine without the bar, chain and clutch cover (chain brake) assembled - or else the clutch can come loose and cause serious injuries.  Always move the saw away from the fuelling area before starting. Place the saw on clear ground and ensure that the chain is not in contact with anything. Also, ensure that you have a secure footing. Keep people and animals well away from the working area.

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    Tensioning the chain on your Husqvarna chainsaw

    The more you use a chain the longer it becomes. A slack chain can jump off and cause serious or even fatal injury. It is therefore important to adjust the chain regularly to take up the slack. Check the chain tension every time you refuel. NOTE! A new saw chain has a running-in period during which you should check the tension more frequently.

  • Maintenance

    How to maintain a chainsaw guide bar

    When carrying out maintenance on your chainsaw you should also check the chainsaw bar to see if it needs maintenance or to be replaced.

  • Maintenance

    How to replace and clean the air filter in a Husqvarna chainsaw

    The air filter prevents dirt from getting into your Husqvarna chainsaw. A dirty or broken filter can shorten its service life. We have three types of air filters: standard – for normal conditions, winter – for temperatures around freezing point and below, and felt – for dusty and dry conditions.

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    Proper preparation

    Our 7 best tips for safe, efficient tree limbing

    When working with chainsaws, limbing is usually the operation that requires the most time and effort. In other words you have a lot to gain by learning a good technique.