User friendly dashboard

User-friendly dashboard

With this inituitive and simple to understand dashboard, your work becomes easier and more efficient.
Power where you need it

Offset Areas

When working in remote areas, power supply is often limited. With their slim and ergonomic lifting handle, the Husqvarna Generators are portable and will supply all the power you need, wherever you need it.
Reliable engine

Reliable Engine

Whether you prefer petrol or diesel, you can trust these engines to take your working standards to a new high.

Generate power wherever you go Power through tough conditions

With a high performing engine and a portable, lean design, Husqvarna generators offer a reliable power source, built to handle the toughest conditions. The generators are equipped with a user-friendly dashboard and a large fuel tank to ensure continuous drive and maximum durability. All for your convenience and productivity — at work or at home.


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