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Husqvarna Rapid Replace Trimmer Head


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Rapid Replace - Single
SKU: 599 91 56‑02

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Align, feed and twist! That's all it takes to quickly reload line with the Husqvarna Rapid Replace trimmer head. This semi-automatic, bump feed head takes seconds to restring and can hold up to 22 ft of .095” trimmer line. That's 10% more trimmer line capacity than the leading competitor's easy-load head. When the trimmer head is empty, simply align the eyelets, feed the Rapid Replace head with .065” - .105” line, and twist. Say goodbye to reloading frustrations from disassembling, and get back to trimming in no time with Rapid Replace.
This trimmer head will fit Husqvarna curved and straight shaft trimmers (excluding dual direction battery trimmers) as well as most leading competitor products.
Universal adapter kit includes:
M10 x 1.25 LH (installed)- straight shaft
M10 x 1.00 LH - straight shaft
3/8" - 24 RH- curved shaft ​​​
Comes pre-wound with 22’ of .095” Husqvarna Titanium Force