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Battery Leaf Blowers

Cordless leaf blowers will get the job done at your home or on the job site.

Husqvarna’s battery-powered cordless leaf blowers are quiet and efficient machines for clearing leaves, debris, trash and more. Featuring powerful brushless motors, these electric blowers are built to last. Use indoors or outdoors to reduce fumes, noise and maintenance costs. You'll be blown away by their strong and dependable performance.

Husqvarna Battery Series

Husqvarna has a complete lineup of electric cordless battery-powered handhelds. These lightweight, neighborhood-friendly tools use an interchangeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged to 80% in as little as 35 minutes. This low-maintenance equipment will make sure you can get the job done.

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Battery Powered Cordless Leaf Blowers

The most quiet battery powered blower on the market is great for efficiently clearing leaves, debris, and garbage. These powerful and well-balanced leaf blowers are ideal for outdoor and indoor use, where there are noise sensitive and environmentally restrictive areas.

  • 320iB

    967 09 42-02

    Air flow in pipe
    289.58 cfm
    Air speed
    82.87 mph
    5.29 lbs
    Battery voltage
    40 V
    • Brushless motor
    • Low noise levels
    • Low maintenance
    • Lightweight and ergonomic design


    $229.95 MSRP

  • 436LiB

    967 25 24-03

    Air flow in pipe
    388.46 cfm
    Air speed
    105.14 mph
    Battery voltage
    36 V
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Cruise control
    • Boost effect
    • Lightweight design


    $249.95 MSRP