5 reasons to consider an Automower® for your commercial landscaping

Curious about Automower® robotic lawn mowers? Here are five of the most commonly cited reasons that landscapers like you are choosing to add Automower® to their commercial landscaping contracts.


Landscaping has evolved. From the equipment that’s loaded onto trailers to the ways in which companies are hired, professional landscaping continues to change with the times. Cutting-edge innovations like commercial-ready battery equipment and robotic lawn mowers are disrupting ”business as usual,” with big, obvious upsides to both cost and convenience. Each season sees lucrative new opportunities for the most forward-thinking lawn entrepreneurs, and it’s thrilling to guess where the green industry might go next.

At the forefront of all this change is the growing popularity of the world leader in robotic lawn mowing, Husqvarna’s Automower®.

Whether you’re convinced of the commercial viability of robotic lawn mowers or merely curious about a new and exciting gadget, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five of the most commonly cited reasons that landscapers like you are choosing to add Automower® to their commercial landscaping contracts.

1. Save time for more profitable tasks

Let’s face it: cutting grass is only one aspect of the landscape maintenance equation. However, it’s an extremely time-consuming part of it! What if you could save the ”man hours” spent mowing and apply that time to other, more profitable maintenance and improvement tasks? Consider how the satisfaction of your customers might improve if you had more time to devote to:

  • Trimming bushes, shrubs, and hedges
  • Maintaining ornamental flower beds
  • Mulching and weed control
  • Fertilizing, aerating, and reseeding
  • Hardscape improvements
  • Irrigation
  • Tree care

Automower® handles all lawn maintenance 24/7, freeing your team to focus on other things. At the end of the day, your customers care far more about the results than how those results were achieved. If you can accomplish the same goals in significantly less time, isn’t that a plan worth considering?

Hedge trimmer 327HE3X

2. Ensure reliable help

Good help can be hard to find. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guaranteed crew member who you could count on 24/7?

Automower® offers you just such reliability. Besides being easy to maintain, your Automower® will handle all your lawn maintenance autonomously— all you have to do is change the blades and store it in the winter! Rather than worrying about whether or not your latest new hire will show up for work, you can give your customers a perfect lawn 24/7.

3. Attract new customers

Here’s something you probably already knew: the landscaping industry is extremely competitive. Most markets are saturated with both one-person operations as well as large, national franchises. To stand out from the crowd in the eyes of future customers, you’ll need more than just a catchy name and a flashy logo.

Offering an Automower® option to customers will give your company a unique angle that sets you far apart from the competition. As more customers seek out quieter, emissions-free alternatives to traditional power equipment, you’ll have a leg up on other crews in your area— one that will attract positive attention and get your team noticed by the entire neighborhood.

Automower 550H

4. Open the door to new types of business

As word about their advantages spreads nationally, robotic lawn mowers are finding homes in some unexpected places. Property managers who may have never considered professional robotics are installing fleets of Automower® units on their turf. Some of the unexpected properties where you can find Automower® at work today include:

  • Educational institutions
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Business parks
  • Neighborhoods
  • Athletic fields
  • Hospitals

If you don’t currently have these sort of properties in your book of business, why not consider adding Automower® to your offerings? Automower® will empower you to approach managers with a quiet and emissions-free technology unlike any other. More importantly, you’ll be able to guarantee the look of a freshly-cut lawn 24/7, rain or shine.

Robotic Automower 450X NOTE Only internal use

5. Raise your ”green” profile

Civic leaders across the country are looking for ways to improve the quality of air in their communities. Urban pollution is a problem in many parts of the country— to say nothing of the ugly carbon footprint created by gasoline emissions.

At the same time, noise pollution presents a real challenge as well. Many communities are tired of the loud, deafening noise produced by gasoline-powered lawn mowers and handheld equipment. Regulations are already in place in many places, and more are sure to follow in years to come.

Automower® solves both the noise and pollution problems simultaneously. As a battery-powered product, Automower® produces zero direct emissions, Plus, Automower® is incredibly quiet— it can even work at night without disturbing the neighbors!

By offering a robotics option to your residential, commercial, or municipal customers, you can put yourself on the cutting-edge of the industry and offer the green, sustainable, and forward-thinking lawn care solutions of the future.

Automower landscape image

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