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Things to keep in mind when buying a weed trimmer

Whether your lawn care needs are personal or professional, a Husqvarna weed trimmer provides the versatility and performance to provide the finishing touch on a beautifully landscaped property. Here are a few tips to help you select the right line trimmer.

Curved shaft, straight shaft, or detachable shaft?

Curved shaft trimmers are typically lighter and ideal for trimming around smaller lawns and flowerbeds. They are easy to use and maneuver and because they are slightly shorter than straight shaft, take up less room for storage and transporting.

Straight shaft trimmers with bevel gears are designed for more demanding weeding jobs and make it easier to reach under hedges, bushes, and fence. The longer shaft minimizes the need for taller users to bend over, reducing back strain.

Detachable shaft trimmers allow you to convert the unit into a multi-purpose machine. Husqvarna’s range of combi trimmers offers the versatility of up to eleven different professional grade trimmer attachments. With “Click On” convenience, your grass trimmer transforms into a hedge trimmer, brushcutter, sweeper, tree pruner, edger or cultivator with one base engine unit.

Battery driven?

Battery powered weed trimmers are strong, remarkably silent and nearly vibration-free. Battery series products are perfect for working in air pollution controlled and noise-sensitive areas, such as near hospitals, malls, care homes, schools and public parks.

About Husqvarna trimmers

  • If keeping noise to a minimum is a top priority, a battery powered string trimmer is a great choice. Husqvarna’s quiet, lightweight, balanced, easy-to-use and battery driven grass trimmers are highly efficient and equipped with a powerful 36V Li-ion battery pack. In addition to reduced noise, vibration and maintenance, there are no emissions and your operational costs are extremely low compared to filling the tank with gas.

  • You want your trimmer to start easily and be ready to go anytime you need it. The engine and starter on our gas trimmers are designed to start quickly with minimum effort, thanks to the unique Smart Start® function. The trimmers also include an auto return stop switch. When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting.

  • Tap’n Go trimmer heads offer the ultimate convenience. Trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is tapped to the ground.

  • For demanding professional use, heavy-duty construction is a must. Husqvarna’s commercial line of trimmers features a durable metal skid plate that protects the engine and fuel and tank during rigorous jobs and transportation. Our efficient, two-stage air filters reduce engine wear and ensure less cost for service.

Compare our products and get more information on the trimmer page.
Attachments make the Husqvarna Trimmer a versatile tool in your garden

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