Husqvarna VEF (Verified Engine Formula)

Look for the Husqvarna VEF (Verified Engine Formula) badge on our oils for complete assurance that you’re using an engineering-approved lubricant designed to keep your outdoor power equipment running like new.

XP Plus Fuel

XP+ 2-Stroke Premixed Fuel and Oil

Husqvarna’s XP+ is a premium 50:1 fuel and oil blend. Boasting ethanol-free, high-octane performance, XP+ is engineered to fully optimize your 2-stroke outdoor power equipment. XP+ offers:

  • Resistance to the degrading and oxidizing seen in typical gas station pump fuel. XP+ stays fresh for years, solving long-term storage needs.
  • Easier and more dependable starts. XP+ protects fuel systems and saves carburetors, avoiding costly rebuilds and downtime.
  • Convenient and ready-to-use performance with no mixing required.
  • JASO-FD certification as a premium synthetic oil blend.
HP 2-Stroke Oil

HP 2-Stroke Oil

Husqvarna’s HP (High Performance) oil is a semi-synthetic blend developed to reduce the risk of engine failure or poor running characteristics brought on by insufficient lubrication that features:

  • VEF (Verified Engine Formula) certification as an engineering approved lubricant.
  • A low operating temperature for easier startups and a longer engine life.
  • Excellent detergency for fewer deposits and cleaner parts, which extends the engine’s life by reducing the risk of ring sticking.
X-Guard Bar and Chain Oil


Husqvarna's X-Guard premium bar and chain oil (made of virgin oil, not reclaimed oils) optimizes your chainsaw's cutting performance by reducing heat and friction. X-Guard offers a premium blend of base stocks and tackifier additives that reduces oil throw-off at high speeds.

In addition to standard X-Guard, we offer several specialty blends, including:

  • X-Guard Biodegradable Formula, which provides superior protection for cutting equipment while offering a vegetable-based formula that biodegrades within 28 days, ensuring no lasting effects on the environment.
  • X-Guard Premium Dielectric Bar & Chain Oil, designed for use in tools that are tested to meet OSHA 1910.269. This oil is formulated with additives to resist conducting electricity and to maintain dielectric strength up to 36KV in the event of a current or voltage being applied to it.
  • X-Guard Low Temp Formula, designed for prolonged chainsaw use in colder conditions. This formulation provides superior cutting equipment protection while operating a chainsaw in temperatures as low as 15⁰ F.
4 Stroke Fuel Gallon

4-Stroke Fuel

Husqvarna's ethanol-free, high-octane premium fuel is formulated with stabilizers for optimum performance in standard 4-stroke engines. Our 4-stroke fuel does not degrade or oxidize like gas station pump fuel, remaining fresh for years, as well as:

  • Solving long-term storage needs
  • Offering easier, more dependable starts
  • Protecting fuel systems and avoiding costly rebuilds and downtime

4-Stroke Oil

Husqvarna's full synthetic 10W-30 4-stroke engine oil is a premium oil blend designed for tough, commercial use. This lawn mower oil is ideal for tractors, commercial zero-turn mowers and commercial walk-behind mowers. Designed for most air cooled 4-stroke engines, this oil offers excellent protection in high temperatures, as well as reduced engine wear and scuffing.