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Automower® - A part of your smart home

Husqvarna Automower® is now prepared to become part of your smart home as soon as it enters your yard.

Automower 305 and Alexa

Robotic mowers: Now a smarter choice than ever before

When connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, Husqvarna Automower® becomes a natural part of your morning routine, your kids’ after-school play time, your backyard cookouts and many other everyday activities. Want your yard to be as smart as the rest of your home? Just say when.

Amazon Alexa, Automower 435X AWD

Automower® is now friends with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Automower® X-Line models come equipped with Automower® Connect (for other models, it's available as an upgrade). Automower® Connect links your mower to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. This makes Automower® a natural and fully integrated part of your home automation system.

Smart Home integration

Voice controlling Automower® – how to get started

It’s easy to link Husqvarna Automower® to your Alexa or Google Home account. All you need is the app Automower® Connect and a wi-fi network. To make it as simple as possible we’ve created step-by-step guides found below.

Smart Home integration

IFTTT and Automower® – the next smart move

Integrate Automower® even more into your smart home by using it in IFTTT applets. Perhaps you want it to park when your kids come home from school or when the weather forecast shows heavy rain? Or perfectly synchronise it with the weather? IFTTT (“If This, Then That”) is free and easy to use.

Amazon Alexa, Automower 435X AWD

Opening up for new possibilities

Ready to make your home as smart as you are? If you want to take full advantage of Automower® data and digital connection, you can use the open API of Automower Connect. Create your own codes for service reminders, weather adjustment and more. Note: You'll need a bit of software programming experience to do this.

Mobile phone with Smart home apps grass background

Take total control of your green spaces

Through Automower® Connect, Automower® models in the X-Line come with built-in connectivity that allows you to keep track of your robotic mower in real-time from any place using your smartphone. Welcome to the yard of the future!