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Husqvarna EPOS - Virtual boundaries. Endless possibilities.

Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) is a breakthrough technology for professional Automower® robotic lawn mower models. The satellite-based technology enables the mowers to work within virtual boundaries. It’s an easy and flexible solution that’s perfect for soccer fields, golf courses, city parks, or commercial properties— anywhere with a large area of turf that need to be maintained! Best of all, the absence of physical boundary wires eliminates line breakages due to aerating or turf repair. The image below shows how it works.

See Husqvarna EPOS in action

Explore how easy it is to get started, how the Husqvarna EPOS technology allows you to create virtual boundaries for work areas and stay-out zones – and how all this makes your workday more efficient.

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The sky is the limit. Literally speaking

All you need is your mobile phone and the Husqvarna EPOS app. By using the phone, you’re able to set virtual boundaries and create one or several work areas for the robotic mower. All that’s required is an unimpeded sky view to ensure optimal technical conditions. Our sophisticated satellite technology Husqvarna EPOS delivers centimeter level accuracy in seconds. Combined with the included reference station this enables the Husqvarna commercial robotic mower to efficiently mow any grass area.

Easy fleet management at your fingertips

With Husqvarna EPOS you’ll get a robust installation that contribute to make your every workday easier. Using your mobile phone, you’re able to activate and de-active stay-out zones. Thanks to Husqvarna Fleet Services™, our digital management tool, you’ll always know where the mower is, how much you’ve used it and when it needs to be serviced or replaced – and much more. All this updated information, easily accessible in your phone or tablet, helps to ensure a hassle-free and productive business.

Automower EPOS technology


Use your mobile phone and the app to set up the installation, and define work areas and stay-out zones.

Define temporary or permanent stay-out zones by using the appDrive function in the mobile app to drive the mower around areas that shall not be mowed.

Satellite signals are received by both the mower and the reference station. To achieve up to centimeter level accuracy a technique called RTK-GNSS is used. It enhances the precision of satellite position data.

Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) provides satellite signals to the mower and the reference station. A minimum of four satellite signals are needed for both the mower and the reference station. The following GNSS satellite systems are used: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo.

Define the mower’s work area by using appDrive function in the mobile app to drive the mower around the area that shall be mowed.

Correction data from the reference station is required to operate the mower at all times and to keep a high level of accuracy of the mower’s position.

The place where the mower automatically returns to recharge its batteries.

A fixed reference station is required to reach a high precision of the mower’s position. The reference station broadcasts correction data to the mower.

New technology for easy, flexible robotic mowing