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Best Battery Chainsaw Awarded to Husqvarna

540i XP® — The best battery chainsaw 2021

Popular Mechanics has announced the winners of its Tool Awards 2021. As one of the most widely read publications that showcases the latest in innovation and technology, Popular Mechanics’ annual list is highly respected.

In the category of "Most Powerful Cordless Chainsaw," top honors were awarded to Husqvarna's 540i XP® battery chainsaw. In explaining their selection, the editors of Popular Mechanics wrote:

"In our recent test of electric chainsaws, the 40-volt 540i XP® cranked out 124 test discs of six-inch-diameter ash. What that number doesn't tell you is how quickly and easily it got to that number — without stalling, vibration, or tiring us out. The saw is supremely capable of firewood production, storm cleanup, and landscaping maintenance."

T540i XP® — The best battery-powered chainsaw 2020

This isn't the only award Husqvarna's battery chainsaws have won recently. The T540i XP® top-handle chainsaw won top honors among battery-powered chainsaws in the Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA).

In praising the T540i XP® as an efficient commercial solution, the PTIA editors said:

"This chainsaw features a ground-up, new design and was developed with professional users in mind. Used with the newly released BLi200X battery, this new chainsaw has capabilities equivalent to professional 40cc class petrol chainsaws, making it ideal for tree removals and smaller felling tasks."

For Husqvarna, such awards are the culmination of years of research and field tests. It’s also an example of our longstanding goal: to offer real solutions to pros in a changing industry.

The best electric chainsaw (and our battery-powered future)

Batteries have come a long way! Just a few years ago, most arborists and landscapers would have scoffed at the idea of a cordless electric chainsaw that could deliver power and performance equal to that of a gas-powered unit.

But that's no longer the case. More commercial crews than ever are adding battery units to their trucks. Some are even going 100% electric. Pros are hearing the other side of the gas vs battery debate and learning the many benefits of battery, including:

  • Reduced noise levels in neighborhoods – Battery lets you work early in the morning or on noise-sensitive properties without creating a disturbance.
  • Zero noxious fumes or emissions – In terms of direct emissions, battery is better for one’s own health as well as the health of the planet.
  • Savings on the cost of gas – Battery-powered equipment saves you money at the gas pump each and every time you visit.
  • Push-button startups – Battery means you can say goodbye to starter cord frustration— just press a button and you’ll be ready to work.
  • Lighter tool weights – A lighter tool means you can work longer and harder without stress or fatigue.
  • Less maintenance – With battery tools, there’s no air filter changes, fuel filter changes, spark plugs replacements or other maintenance tasks to worry about.

Many pros also cite performance as a reason for making the switch from gas to cordless electric chainsaws, with the latest battery chainsaw models offering fully gas-equivalent chain speed and torque.

With equipment like the 540i XP® and T540i XP® continuing to make headlines, there’s no better time to experience the power and performance of Husqvarna battery tools for yourself.

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