Mow less, earn more

Landscapers around the world know that lawn maintenance is a time-consuming business where it can be difficult to turn a profit. But more and more lawn care professionals are discovering a simple solution that boosts productivity, frees up time and delivers a perfect result, all while decreasing noise and emissions. That solution is called Automower®.

Automower 550 / 520

The cost-efficient solution

Maintaining grassy areas is time-consuming work, requiring lots of labor and equipment. Automower® offers a lower total cost compared to traditional mowers, while reducing labor and freeing up hours for more skilled and profitable tasks. Plus, the reliability of a robotic mower will help you stay ahead of your contracts during both busy and slow seasons.

Automower landscape image

Ready for the future

Local noise and pollution restrictions are increasingly pressing issues for professional landscapers in many communities. Meanwhile, an increasing number of customers cite sustainability as a decisive factor when selecting a landscaping company. Automower® will position your company to attract future municipal and private business.

Manage your Automower® fleet

Stay in control of your fleet of Husqvarna robotic mowers. With Husqvarna Fleet Services™ and the Automower® Connect app, you – and only you – can easily monitor and control your mowers from anywhere. Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to change settings and receive alerts. Plus, you'll enjoy GPS-based map localization with a theft tracking function.