Attachment - Rear-mounted

Husqvarna 500HD Triple Bagger

Bagger - Soft-sided

Husqvarna’s new 500HD collection system offers a complete solution for commercial maintenance with your Z500 Series zero-turn mower. Featuring a generous 12-bushel capacity, the triple bagger is ready for extended turf maintenance or leaf and debris collection. A conveniently placed switch activates the rear-mounted blower assembly, which works together with a 4-blade impeller to mulch debris and fill the bag to maximum capacity. Built for demanding commercial use, the system’s heavy-duty steel construction offers a low center of gravity and a weight kit that improves traction and performance on hills. Round out your professional work with this top-quality upgrade for your Husqvarna zero-turn mower.

$3,799.99 MSRP

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