Protective clothing

Technical Xtreme Arbor Chainsaw Pant

Arborist trousers

Chainsaw pant tailored around an arborist's environment and needs with a Euro design/feel. High tech materials with Dyneema®, Cordura® and Kevlar® for maximum resistance to wear at the lowest possible weight. Lightweight reinforcements throughout. Comes with "easy to remove" suspenders. No back pockets and lower ventilation zippers not to intervene with harness. Side pockets with reversed direction of zippers for easy access. Loops to hang carabiners. Double front pockets. Reinforced smooth area for spikes. 6 layers of protection meets CAN/BNQ 1923-450-M91.

$329.00 MSRP


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Technical information

Jacket/trousers [XS-XXL]