Diversity at Husqvarna

Learn why Husqvarna is passionate about diversity in the workplace.

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For more than 325 years, Husqvarna has blazed a trail of innovation, delivering useful products to customers across the globe. A big part of what’s made us successful is our willingness to transform our brand and company to keep pace with an ever-changing world.

In the competitive marketplace of the 21st century, diversity is integral to success. Husqvarna believes diversity is our strength as a company. More backgrounds, cultures and perspectives allow us to support a wider range of customers. Our ambition is to provide real solutions that are customized to the unique needs of each and every person who trusts our brand.

What's it like working at Husqvarna?



Order Processor – Parcel
Blythewood, South Carolina

What I like most about working at Husqvarna is picking and packing correct parts to satisfy our customer’s needs. To this day I strive to learn new things and Husqvarna’s fast-paced environment always has a new challenge to offer. One thing I’ve been working on is the language barrier between me and my coworkers, and I’m thankful for Husqvarna to provide a place to practice my English.



Strategic Partnerships and Key Accounts – Robotics
Charlotte, North Carolina

What led me to Husqvarna was a deep appreciation for green space solutions and depth of product across all categories that I experienced first-hand in my own use of the product. Working at Husqvarna has enabled me to use all of my skill sets, collaborate with a diverse team and customers from around the world, and it’s empowered me to cast vision by owning new processes and channel strategies that influence the Group’s market relevance for many years to come.



Marketing Specialist
Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm from Germany so working for an international company like Husqvarna was very important to me. As part of the Brand Marketing team, I get to work very closely with our innovative products. I'm especially excited about our Automower® robotic mowers. Being part of creating this new category in North America is an incredible experience. Husqvarna has been a leader in its market for 330 years and continues to innovate.



Assembler II
Orangeburg, South Carolina

My name is John Summers. I’ve been with Husqvarna for approximately 21 years. It has been a pleasure working with the company. Over the years I’ve met with amazing colleagues, formed many friendships, and overcome many challenges. I’ve had the advantage to learn how to operate heavy machinery, build many different tractors and transmissions. I've also taken the role to train other individuals while being a Safety Champion, wherein I supervise the safety of others. Husqvarna helps bring out everyone’s individuals strengths. I look forward to being with the company many more years.



Team Leader
Orangeburg, South Carolina

For the past 35 years, I’ve worked diligently in Final Assembly as an operator, assembler and tester. My diligence and knowledge allowed me to become a Team Leader, and I’ve served in this position for the past 25 years. What I love most about working here is meeting different people and having the opportunity to talk with them. Husqvarna allows you to acquire various skills that enable you to handle many different situations. There is something new to look forward to every day. I’m looking forward to retire from here on good terms. I’m very proud of what I have accomplished.



HR Business Partner
Orangeburg, South Carolina

Husqvarna is a great company that leverages its greatest asset: people. I enjoy engaging our team and overcoming challenges daily to accomplish the impossible.



Inventory Control Team Lead
West Columbia, South Carolina

Working for Husqvarna is a great experience. The leadership team have worked with me since I came through the door to develop me as a great worker and leader. They showed me how the whole operation works with hands-on training. When I transitioned into a leadership role, I learned more about dealing with different personalities and how to discuss issues. It’s always a friendly, family-oriented environment. My supervisors and leads always have smiles on their faces, even when things aren’t going well. Whether you have issues in the company or personal issues, they’re always available to help. These are just a few reasons why I enjoy working at Husqvarna and why I’m making this opportunity a career.



Quality Technician
Orangeburg, South Carolina

Husqvarna has a great work environment and workplace culture. I enjoy working at Husqvarna because it has offered me an opportunity to grow as a professional.

Respect for every team member

Husqvarna is committed to respecting the individuals who join our company. This respect takes the form of our commitment to fair safety and employment conditions, as well as the fundamental protections that empower our diverse company. According to the Husqvarna code of conduct:

The Husqvarna Group shall provide equal employment opportunities to all individuals without regard to gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, social or ethnic origin, citizenship, union affiliation, political opinions or any other characteristics protected by applicable law.

Whether you’re working to build the latest Automower® models at our factory in Sweden or you’re a professional brand ambassador with the H-Team, you can expect to be treated with respect and tolerance while working with Husqvarna.

Interested in working for us? For a current listing of open positions with Husqvarna Group, visit our Careers page: Husqvarna Careers.

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