Driving a green digital evolution for more living cities

How can a smart park contribute to a smart city? How can satellite data facilitate better tree care? And how can connectivity improve parks, sports fields, urban forests and urban farms? These were some of many topics during the international conference Living City in 2019 hosted by Husqvarna.

Since 2015, we’ve arranged an annual conference that explores the future of professional landscaping. The purpose is to increase awareness of solutions that reduce emissions and improve the city environment and people’s well-being, and also initiate discussions around how current and emerging technologies can make cities greener and more livable.

The conference has previously been arranged in Antwerp, Belgium (2015), Stockholm, Sweden (2016), Edinburgh, Scotland (2017) and Hamburg, Germany (2018). In the autumn of 2019 the conference was held in Gothenburg, Sweden – and changed name from Silent City to Living City.

New testbed for innovative landscaping

Besides many speeches about new research and solutions for a more digitalized, efficient and sustainable green space management – a lot of focus was on the new testbed “Sustainable Smart Parks”. The purpose of the testbed is to create a cross-functional, open and innovative demo area. The ambition is to find ways to improve efficiency in green space maintenance, increase the recreational value of the parks and reduce the environmental footprint by utilizing digitalization and automation.

The testbed will include several different projects, including tests of prototypes. It’s a collaboration project with several stakeholders within the city of Gothenburg, including Parks and Nature Management, Sports Facility Management, Bostads AB Poseidon (private housing company), Environmental Governance, Gothenburg City Leasing, Johanneberg Science Park and Husqvarna.

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