How to use the object avoidance feature for Automower® robotic lawn mowers

What is object avoidance and how does it work?

Object avoidance is a feature that helps the robotic lawn mower detect objects on the lawn that stand out of the grass. When an object on the lawn is detected, the mower turns and continues mowing in another direction.

The object avoidance feature reduces the risk of operational stops and harming objects and wildlife on the lawn.

The object avoidance feature is found on selected Automower® models:

  • Automower® 450X NERA
  • Automower® 430X NERA
  • Automower® 435X AWD*
  • Automower® 535 AWD*

Other Automower® models do not have the sensors and technology necessary for the object avoidance feature to work.

*Requires that you have downloaded the latest firmware and enabled the object avoidance feature in the Automower® Connect app (see below).

What to think about when using object avoidance

  • The sensors may not only be sensitive to objects on the lawn, but also to tall flowers and grass. For example, if the grass is very high in some areas or if there are high dandelions on your lawn, you may want to turn off object avoidance for some time to avoid uncut areas on your lawn.
  • The efficiency of the object avoidance feature depends on the size of the object and how high the grass is. A small object, such as a golf ball, hidden in high grass may be hard for the sensors to discover.
  • Close to the boundary of the work area (up to 1.2 m), the feature is automatically disabled to avoid areas on the lawn not being cut. This means that the mower will not automatically detect nor avoid objects in this area. This applies to both virtual and physical boundaries.
  • The object avoidance feature is great at detecting objects on the lawn, but please remember that it is not a safety feature. There is no guarantee that an object on the lawn will not be run over by the mower, as there are several factors involved in how successful the sensors are at registering objects, such as the size and placement of the object and the grass height.

How to enable/disable object avoidance

  1. Open and sign in to the Automower® Connect app.
  2. Select More > Settings > Accessories.
  3. Use the slider to enable or disable object avoidance
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