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We've got you covered

Whether cutting grass or trimming trees, Husqvarna outdoor power products are designed to perform safely and reliably – giving you peace of mind.

Now, with Husqvarna Care™, you can keep that sense of confidence that comes with your original warranty and extend it to fit your needs perfectly. Here we’ve collected a wide range of services for added reliability, continued coverage and all-round convenience.

Service Workshop
Service Workshop

Service Plus

Enter the world of convenience. Service Plus is our all-inclusive service package for Automower® users who demand more in terms of convenience and trouble-free ownership. Let us take care of servicing, repairs and winter storage for a full three years at a fixed monthly cost. Service as quiet, easy and efficient as your mower.

Automower® 36 months – £26/month

  • Yearly service including software update
  • Winter storage
  • Free repairs*
  • Genuine Husqvarna Blades for the season

* Unless product is damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse or misapplication.

Warranty Plus

Extend your coverage. With Warranty Plus, you secure trouble-free performance on your Automower®, walk-behind mower or chainsaw for 2-3 years. This add-on service can be bought up to 12 months after the purchase of your product.

Yearly service at an authorised Husqvarna dealer is mandatory in order for the warranty extension to be valid.


  • 2 + 3 years
  • 2 years factory warranty
  • 3 years extended – From £99

Walk-Behind Mower

  • 2 + 1 year
  • 2 years factory warranty
  • 1 year extended – From £29


  • 2 + 1 year
  • 2 years factory warranty
  • 1 year extended – From £29
Service Workshop

Common questions about Husqvarna Care™

Husqvarna Care™ is not an actual product but rather an umbrella term for our group-wide leasing and service program. It includes Lease Plus, Service Plus, Warranty Plus and Lease. Below we’ve gathered a few common questions and answers.


Where can I buy a Husqvarna Care™ offering?

Warranty Plus can be bought together with the product at the dealer or up to one year after purchase. For Service Plus or Lease Plus you sign up for the contract at the dealer at the point of purchase.

Can I turn to any dealer for service and repair?

Yes, you can turn to any authorized Husqvarna dealer for both annual service and repairs.

What are my customer responsibilities?

The product should be taken care of according to Husqvarna’s recommendations and set service plan. For all contracts you're responsible to make an authorized maintenance at a Husqvarna dealer. The service must be documented. For Warranty Plus the yearly maintenance isn't included.

Can I perform the annual service or repair myself?

No, a prerequisite for all service and repair is that it is performed by a Husqvarna authorized dealer or service partner.

How do I know it's time for a service?

You will get a reminder from Husqvarna when it is time for the annual service. You can book the service at any Husqvarna authorized dealer.

Easy to choose, easy to use

Want to extend your warranty? Or get a full-service deal, including winter storage? Check out the table below and talk to your Husqvarna Dealer to find the best option. For details about terms and conditions, please see below.

* Included in service offering ** Required but not included
FREE REPAIRS (Unless product is damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse or misapplication.) * *